Safary : Acquire more wallets in web3

Safary is the only Google analytics alternative built specifically for web3.

Thrive in the bear market.

Safary is built for web3.

Safary goes beyond just traffic analysis – we also track the wallets interacting with your site. See how many wallets connect to your site, where they’re from, and how they convert.

Learn how to draw in valuable users for your dapp, whether they’re liquidity providers, big spenders, veteran wallets, or active players

Track Conversion Rates and Wallet Acquisition Costs

Safary makes it easy to compare key web3 growth metrics – something Google Analytics can’t do.

  • Track clicks and traffic sources
  • Measure campaign conversion rates
  • Understand the cost of acquiring wallets
  • See wallet balances by channels


Connect On-Chain Data

Safary provides an easy way to bridge off-chain and on-chain analytics for your site.

Export your data as a CSV or use Safary’s API. You can also link wallet activity to your smart contract transactions to enhance your CRM, visualization tools, or product.

Find awesome web3 users today