Grow your DeFi protocol and respect user privacy

Safary is the Google analytics alternative built with DeFi use cases in mind.

Experiment with New Strategies in The Bear Market

To succeed in the bear market, you need to try new strategies like paid ads, quests, and content.

Safary is the ideal platform for testing new marketing channels. Kick off campaigns with $100 in free ad credits, and monitor your conversion rates and budget directly in your Safary dashboard.

Identify where your wallets originate and craft more effective marketing strategies.

Attract More DeFi Users, Not Bots

Safary helps you identify the sources of your most valuable users, like liquidity providers, whales, and veteran wallets.

Export Safary data via CSV or Safary’s API to your own database, enhancing your CRM with valuable data.

We Value Consumer Privacy

Safary never collects personal data without user consent. With Safary:

  • No consent banners required
  • No cookies needed
  • No IP addresses stored
  • No personal data storage
  • No cross-website visitor tracking

Unlike Google Analytics, we ensure all site measurements are entirely anonymous. Your site data will never be used for any other purpose.

Find out more about how Safary works here.

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