Launch your web3 game with powerful user analytics

Run marketing campaigns to acquire web3 players and understand your most critical metrics like CAC, ROAS, and player LTV.

Monitor ad spend, performance, and ROAS

In Safary, you can centralize all your campaigns for your web3 game in a single place.

We offer you perks ($100 free ad credit) to start advertising. Measure your ad spend, performance, and ROAS directly in your Safary dashboard.

Attract Web3 Native Players

Safary helps you attract web3 native players interested in purchasing your NFTs or in-game assets.

Create funnels to identify where the most engaged players come from and how they interact with your game.

Easily Export Data with Safary’s API

Do you use Looker, Tableau, or a custom dashboard for data analysis? We’ve got you covered.

Export data via CSV or the Safary API to your own database. Enhance your CRM with valuable web3 user data.

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