Safary : a smart way to launch web3 marketing campaigns

Safary partners with web2 and web3 advertising solutions to help you grow in web3.

Choose from Dozens of Advertising Partners

As a growth marketer, finding the best channels for your Web3 app requires continuous testing.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with a host of advertising solutions.Select the perfect partner, launch campaigns with $100 in free ad credit, and track your ad spend, performance, and ROAS directly in your Safary dashboard


Track The User Journey from Ad to Revenue

Safary makes it easy to compare key the performance of different campaigns so you can get the most for your marketing dollars:

  • Track clicks and traffic sources
  • Measure campaign conversion rates
  • Understand wallet acquisition costs
  • See wallet balances by channels

Monitor your marketing budget with Safary

Safary allows you to seamlessly track ad spend per campaign and terminate underperforming channels.

Gain a comprehensive view of your marketing budget and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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