What makes Safary a great Google Analytics alternative

Safary is built with web3 use cases in mind. No cookies. No consent banner required.

Safary: User Analytics Built for Web3

Safary is the only Google Analytics alternative designed specifically for web3 companies.

We don’t just analyze traffic data like Google Analytics. We offer advanced features like wallet analytics. Stay clear of adblocker hurdles with Safary.

Scripts from Google Analytics are often blocked by consumers using adblockers on Firefox

Choose simple yet powerful analytics

Safary makes data understanding a breeze for your entire team.

Google Analytics, while powerful, often overwhelms most website owners with its complexity and steep learning curve.

Google Analytics gathers more data than most need. In fact, companies typically utilize only a small portion of the data it measures


Prioritize Your Users’ Privacy

Using Google Analytics often compromises consumer privacy.

Safary gives you crucial insights to understand your site’s performance and potential improvements, without infringing on your visitors’ privacy.

Safary never collects personal data without user consent. With Safary:

  • No consent banners required
  • No cookies needed
  • No IP address storage
  • No personal data storage
  • No cross-website visitor tracking


Unlike Google Analytics, we ensure all site measurements are entirely anonymous. Your site data is never used for any other purpose.

Find out more about how Safary works here.

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