What makes Safary a great Plausible alternative

Plausible is an open-source, privacy friendly alternative. But not built for web3.

Web2 vs Web3 Analytics

While Plausible is tailored for Web2, Safary was built for the new internet.

Both solutions value privacy, but only Safary helps you understand the origins of wallets connecting to your site and their conversion rates.

Plausible updates data every 24 hours, which limits accuracy on retention and activation data. Safary offers deeper insights into the user journey over the long term.


Monitor Ad Performance

Safary provides vital data on wallets and ad performance.

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Kick off campaigns with $100 in free ad credit, and monitor your ad spend, performance, and ROAS directly in Safary. Plus, we’ve built the leading web3 growth community with 300+ growth leaders in DeFi, web3 gaming, NFT, and infrastructure.

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